New Paintings

Its been a long long time since I blogged! Here is a range of original unique paintings that I am launching!
I hope that I will be able to sell them in a local shop/ shops soon. and hope to try with different ideas and texts etc.

Christmas card designs

One really nice project this year has been working on some Christmas card designs. They are based on bible verses and convey a message. It has been nice cause the turnaround has been so short. Today I received a box full of cards! Yay.. Christmas cards sorted definitely this year!

Hope you like them! Let me know if there are other words or sayings you would like on a card.

Christmas angels

I like these Christmas angel shapes and idea, think they will be he nice base for a design

This is one of my designs that was bought from my agent a while ago.. It was for sale in a local cook shop but also fenwicks store! yay :)

Whimsical, I have seen so many things with bicycles on recently and love the different types that you can get. This is a repeat pattern. Let me know if you like it.

See what I have changed, new look blog. The other pages will be a ongoing portfolio where you can see my work.  Hope you like it, feel free to leave feedback... Thanks for looking.

Prints for home

Copyright Hannah Sessions 2011
New design, in gray scale which blends it together nicely. Colour version below.

Boys prints

Some placement prints based on Transport.. Always a favourite!

Copyright Hannah Sessions 2011
I will  be posting some all over designs to go with this theme later.

Here are a few designs that I did for a competiton for work-top savers Joseph Joseph..

I enjoyed it as a way to get back into design after a holiday!

Which one do you like?

Tea for two

this is a sign that I have done for a local cafe that I really love. Its in a vintage shop that selld loads if really funky stuff.The cafe sell homemade cakes and use odd but beautiful old crockery
I will take this and a canvas I did about 5 years ago that says tea for two and see if they will buy from me?