I have recently seen my work twice on the print and pattern blog. I am a careful follower and it provides me with a daily shot of design and inspiration before I go on.

Here are some of my designs that were sold a while a go through my agent to a Japanese company, they are now sold on the site- fabricrehab.co.uk. see link..


This is the other blog that I mentioned... www.printpattern.blogspot.com/

Ok, well I hope to blog again soon :)

Sold designs

Here is a collage of some designs that have sold recently in Japan brought most of the animal ones. I am glad that the wackiness is loved by someone and hopefully they will make inspiring products as well... Actually putting them together makes them look cute storytale like. Let me know what you think.

Hi I am very busy at the moment- I am just starting off on a new idea to make things, I am really excited about the way that by a badge or mirror someone can have something fun in their lives and add a little brightness to their lives.
I hope to get some pics up here soon, in the meantime i need to get back to work and get some designs printed out ready for my agent! keep watching this space...

Hi so much has happened recently I have had so much fun making art for friends and designing patterns and some cards. which you can see below..
the colours have changed!!! but you can get the idea.

New Canvases

2 Butterfly paintings, that would look lovely in a little girls room. or a girly house
A close up of the butterflies

This heart is a small canvas 20 x 20 cm and recently did 2 but the colours swapped around, dark- light on each. they looked cool as a pair. very valentines too...

Here are some canvases that I have painted recently. Hope that you enjoy them. I am selling them in the shop that I work, but if you want one similar in different colours let me know.

kids prints

copyright H Sessions 2008
copyright H. Sessions 2008
Here are some recent designs for kids that i have just done recently.I hope that you enjoy them.
They are supposed to be fun, i have done a series- if you are interested in seeing more let me know.

Hi Here is a prints I Have been working on, I decided to move away from the floral theme, and now working with animals- which i love. Its a challenge as well to get it looking how it should do.
I have others as well and there are other versions of each print- please ask.

up north

Well, I am happy to have had a bit of a break seeing family in Newport. I am amazed that here there are just retail parks and stuff and many motorways. Or maybe thats how I perceived it cause of the journey!! Its a busy week ahead. I hope to get some good stuff done for Tuesday meeting in London.

tea party embroidery

Here is an embroidery that tries to encompass the delights of a english tea party, it is meant to be aimed at the children fashion market? what do you think? I am going to do a series. working on them today.

These are some canvases that I have painted, the top one is still in my lounge, I am wanting to sell it. Anyone who wants to buy any of these things just get in touch with me, or leave a message. I also make these cute little badges like the one shown, they are rather time consuming, I love wearing one though the winter months as it adds colour to a coat. And can be a lovely gift.

These pics were taken at the weekend, I was amazed at the affects of the fireworks and had some amazing results, I have more but they take long to load. i may get round to it some time soon,

I am busy trying to do some designs for spring summer 08, now that i am back. i brought some flowers and really enjoy drawing from them first then creating them into floral designs.like this, but here ihave added a bit of texture on top of it.

This is a design that I have just done, I wanted it to look sketchy, It could be used on anything i guess. I am going to start trying to put more stuff on here as I have been poor recently..

new card designs

These are some card designs i have done recently, i have really enjoyed not using the computer and getting out paint and handmade paper.... Let me know what you think? My agent suggested i did some with cupcakes and i loved the idea s0 got on with it....!!!

january blues gone forever

Hope this brightens up your day? it shows all my colourful threads i love using when doing all my sewing... I have just been looking at another artist who sells stuff just like what i do, how can she really do all this by herself? and why cant it be me?

Hi I have done some work on some cards that i thought might be funny for freelance... using some cute but odd pet photos... what do you think?
I am going to try and publish more things on here when i see them and download them form my camera

copyright: hannah sessions jan 07
This is one of my quirky little prints using different types of chairs, can you help me by suggesting other subjects that could be good to draw in this style.